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Štvanice is an island on Vltava river between Prague dictricts of Holešovice and Karlín. At the end of 17th century there was established a wooden arena in which were until 1816 held (which was repeatedly banned) dog hunts at animals (bears, bulls, deers and cows). From which is derived the name of island (Štvanice = Hunt, Chase). In 30s there was built the winter Štvanice Stadium which became the Ice skating centre of Prague, it was definitively demolished in 2011.

In 1986 there was opened a modern Tennis area Štvanice, which has 9 outdoor and 2 indoor courts, the central court has the capacity of 8.000 seats and is the annual place of ATP and WTA tournaments (Strabag Prague Open). Over the island leads Hlávk?v bridge and Negrelliho viaduct. On the island is also Skate Park and public swimming pool which in the 90s of 20th century has nudistic resort, which is also interesting for being set up almost directly in the center of Prague, near is a hydro power plant and adjustable water slalom track.


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