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100 Bishopsgate is a development of two mixed-use buildings approved for construction on Bishopsgate in London. The site is situated in an emerging cluster of high-rise buildings on the eastern edge of the City of London financial district.

Building 1 on the site is proposed to be a 40-storey tower comprising five contiguous podium floors of 44,000 sq ft each and 32 office floors of between 19,000 sq ft and 25,000 sq ft. Building 2 is proposed to be a seven-storey structure to be developed behind a retained façade on St. Helens Place, and comprising a restaurant and office floors of 8,000 sq ft each.

Planning and design

A planning application was submitted by Great Portland Estates in September 2006 for the redevelopment of a site located at 61 St. Mary Axe, 80-86 Bishopsgate, 88-90 Bishopsgate, 12-20 Camomile Street, 15-16 St. Helen's Place and 33-35 St. Mary Axe (north elevation only).<ref name="Planning_application_Sep2006" /> Collectively, the project is named 100 Bishopsgate. The scheme proposes a mixed-used development comprising two buildings of 40 and seven storeys.

The main tower (Building 1) would be formed of five podium floors, each of 44,000 sq ft, and 32 tower floors, each of 19,000-25,000 sq ft. The form of the lower part of the tower is designed to resolve the complex geometries of the site; thus the lower floors are shaped as parallelograms and the upper floors are shaped as rectangles.

The secondary building (Building 2) would be formed of seven storeys of 8,000 sq ft each, providing restaurant and office facilities.

A new public space of 0.5 acres, including new access routes, is situated in the middle of the site.

The application was approved on 28 May 2008.<ref name="Planning_application_Sep2006" /> In July 2011 the proposed height was increased by seven metres to 172 metres.


Demolition of the buildings and infrastructure formerly on the site was undertaken by Keltbray Group. This commenced in May 2011<ref name="EstatesGazette_May2011" /> and was completed later that year. The demolition work was complicated by the existence of six power substations on the site, three of which were networked, which needed to be kept operational until they could be bypassed.

Ownership and status

The developer is The 100 Bishopsgate Partnership, a joint-venture between Brookfield Office Properties (87.5%) and Great Portland Estates (12.5%).

In April 2010 Brookfield paid £43m for a 50% stake in the project.<ref name="Telegraph_Apr2010" /> In October 2012 Great Portland Estates sold 37.5% of its 50% interest to Brookfield for £47.2 million leaving it with a 12.5% interest.<ref name="CNNews_16Oct2012" />

The developers are seeking a substantial pre-let before initiating construction.<ref name="BBC_News_19Oct2012" />

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