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Template:Infobox station 1 Mai is a metro station in northern Bucharest, serving line M4. It is situated in Chibrit or Cl?bucet Square, at the intersection of Grivi?a Way, Ion Mihalache Avenue and Bucure?tii Noi Road.

The station itself was opened on March 1, 2000, as part of Stage I of M4 line.

The station was built in a manner similar to Grivi?a and Gara de Nord II, employing a wide central platform, a blue-grey, dark color scheme using black granite floors, blue and grey synthetic walls and chrome and aluminum metal insertions.


The name of the station was chosen based on the former name of Ion Mihalache Avenue — 1 Mai Avenue. This has proven controversial — firstly, because most inhabitants associate "1 Mai" with the 1 Mai Market located almost 3 km away from the metro station and secondly because the name 1 Mai Avenue had been already given to another street in Western Bucharest when the subway station opened. Incidentally, that avenue will also probably host a metro station in the future.

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