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The 2006 Rome Metro crash occurred on 17 October 2006 at 9:37am local time (07:37 UTC), when one train ploughed in another train as it unloaded passengers at the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (or Vittorio Emanuele) underground station in the city centre, killing a 30-year-old Italian woman, named Alessandra Lisi, and injuring about 145 others,<ref>RaiNews24 - Cronaca. Incidente a Roma: morta una donna, 145 feriti, 4 gravi. "Treno passato col rosso dopo ok della centrale"</ref> of which a dozen were reported to be in life-threatening conditions. The whole Line A was immediately shut down and the area above the station, the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, was cordoned off by police as rescue workers erected a field hospital, where dozens of people were treated. The injured were gradually transported to various Rome hospitals for further treatment, with the Complesso Ospedaliero San Giovanni - Addolorata, being the nearest, receiving most of them.

While no official cause of the accident has been released, officials have excluded terrorism as a cause for the incident. Several passengers have reported that the driver of the moving train failed to stop at a red signal and that the train had been running strangely at previous stations. A senior driver has disclosed that the moving train had previously had braking problems on a test drive.<ref>RaiNews24 - Metro di Roma. Indagato il macchinista. La vettura non freno' al collaudo</ref>

A possible explanation of the accident may lie in a misunderstanding between the driver and the control centre, which would have authorized the train to proceed to the "next station", meaning a station closed to the public (Manzoni), the last before Vittorio Emanuele station, while the driver would have understood it to mean the next working station, that is, Vittorio Emanuele itself.<ref>Metrò, lo schianto per un equivoco Errore di comunicazione, nessun guasto - cronaca - Repubblica.it</ref>

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