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Template:Infobox University The Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (Template:Lang-cs, acronym Template:Lang) was founded in 1799 and is the Czech Republic's oldest art college. The school offers twelve Master's degree programs and one Doctoral program.<ref name="Horania">Template:Cite web</ref>


Starting in the early 18th century a series of organizations were formed in Prague with an interest in promoting art and education. Thanks in part to their efforts, the Academy of Fine Arts was founded by Imperial Decree on September 10, 1799. It began with instruction in drawing. The academy was gradually expanded to include programs in architecture, painting, printmaking, and sculpture, among others. In 1990 drastic reforms were undertaken by rector Milan Knížák to reorganize the concept and internal structure of the school. By 1991 new media related study programs including film and computer animation were added.<ref name="">Template:Cite web Template:Dead link</ref>

The Academy Today

Today it is a modern, accredited university offering an education in modern and historic art. As an exclusively graduate school there are no student housing or on campus eating options offered. International programs offered in Czech, with a limited amount of classes offered in English.<ref name="Horania"/> There are also select classes open to the general public such as basic drawing and painting. Such courses aim to increase public art education and community involvement. <ref name=""/>

Current Departments/Fields of Study

  • Painting
  • Drawing and Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Intermedia Studies
  • New Media
  • Restoration of Artworks
  • Architecture

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