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Template:Notability Actorworks claims to be the UK's only drama school where the training is specifically based on the teaching of American theatre practitioner, Viola Spolin.

The school is situated in Raine House in Wapping, London and is run by its founder, Daniel John Brennan. There are three main courses: a one-year full time intensive course and a one-year part time course (both of which run in the evenings and weekends); and a foundation course which runs for 15 weeks during the day, from November to April.


Originally called The Actor Works, the school was set up in January 2007 in response to the sudden closure of The Academy Drama School in Whitechapel. Seventy students, who otherwise would have been unable to continue trainining, we're offered the opportunity complete their studies in studios that Daniel Brennan had managed to secure in Wapping, the notion being that once they had graduated, The Actor Works would cease to exist.

However, it quickly became clear that the new curriculum and the developing structure of the Spolin training was working, so the decision was taken to continue the school and prospective students were auditioned.

The school finally found its own home at Raine House in January 2010 and is now firmly established as a successful small-scale drama school.


The school is dedicated to offering thorough and comprehensive drama training in a supportive and friendly environment. Furthermore, we value the importance of training all our students for life as an actor beyond the performing itself. As wonderful and rewarding as it can be, we believe our students need to enter the business fully aware of work that needs to go into making a success of their career.

We believe that fame, as attractive as it may seem to some, needn’t be a motivating force in the pursuit of the life of an actor. Most actors who manage to make a living from the business do so without reliance on the culture of ‘celebrity’. With that in mind, we look to creating hard-working, talented and easy-going company members, with a deeper understanding of the business and how to survive within it.

Actorworks is the only school in the UK that cites the work of Viola Spolin as the major influence on its ethos and training. Though we reference many schools of thought on acting, we embrace Spolin’s notion of ‘sharing the space’; moving students away from the need for approval and the fear of disapproval, allowing freedom of expression and discovery through instinct and intuition.


Over 100 students have so far passed through Actorworks, with most continuing to work in the business. Notable graduates include: Estella Daniels, Andy Seaman, Fiona McCrae, Masayo Okayasu, Daniel Simpson, Trudi Boatwright, Igor Medeiros, Nichola June and Kathy Trevelyan.

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