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Template:Expand Dutch Template:Infobox convention center Ahoy Rotterdam (often called merely Ahoy) is a convention centre located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Since opening in 1950, the centre has hosted a plethora of exhibitions, concerts and sporting events. The centre consists of three main parts: the "Beurs- & Evenementenhallen", "Congres- & Vergadercentrum" and "Sportpaleis". The main concert venue, the Sportpaleis van Ahoy opened on 15 January 1971.


The basis of the present Ahoy was laid in 1950. After the devastation caused by the Second World War, the city of Rotterdam had worked on reconstruction and Rotterdam port was virtually complete. To mark the occasion, the Rotterdam Ahoy! exhibition was held in a purpose-built hall on the site where the medical faculty of the Erasmus University now stands.

The exhibition hall was called the Ahoy'-Hal. The apostrophe is a remnant of the original exclamation mark. The hall was used for a series of national and international events, such as the exhibition of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. During the North Sea flood of 1953 the hall also proved its worth as a reception centre for victims.

Ahoy Rotterdam, in its current form, was built in 1970. The complex’s striking design won various national and international awards for its special steel structures. The first event to be held there was the Femina family exhibition. Since then, Ahoy has been expanded on a number of occasions, and was renovated and refurbished in 1998 to create today’s multifunctional venue.

Notable events

  • In 1975, 1976 and 1978 the European final of the BBC TV programme Superstars was held here.
  • In 1987 Simply Red performs June 17 and 18, in 1989 June 16, in 1990 March 21, in 1992 March 19 and April 19 on Stars Tour, in 1995 November 29 and 1996 May 15 on Life Tour, in 2000 March 15, in 2003 May 11 and December 6 on Home Tour.
  • 18, 19 & 20 February 1977 - Pink Floyd - In the Flesh World Tour.
  • In 1977 the prog rock band Yes played there on their tour in support of their album, Going For The One. The whole show was recorded and "Parallels" and "Wonderous Stories" were featured on live album Yesshows.
  • In 1978, Bob Marley and the Wailers played there.
  • In 1979 (October 24) Abba played there as part of ABBA: The Tour.
  • In 1980 (June 24) and 1988 (May 3&4) Frank Zappa and his band played there.
  • From 1982 to 2007,Diana Ross performed here more than 20 times !
  • In 1986 & 1988, Whitney Houston performed here 5 times in the 1980s with 2 world tours and 11 times in the 1990s with 3 world tours.
  • In 1989 Bon Jovi performed here for his New Jersey Syndicate Tour. He would return 4 years later for his Keep the Faith Tour.
  • In 1991, Gloria Estefan performed here for her Into the Light Tour, which was filmed for a VHS release. She would return in 1996 for her Evolution World Tour and 2008 for her 90 Millas World Tour.
  • In 1993, Sade performed here for the group's Love Deluxe World Tour. They would return in 2011 for their Once in a Lifetime Tour.
  • In 1996, Tina Turner played here 8 times during her world record breaking Wildest Dreams Tour.
  • In 1996, Mariah Carey performed here for her Daydream World Tour. She would return 7 years later for her Charmbracelet World Tour.
  • In 1996, Celine Dion performed here for her Falling Into You Tour.
  • In 1997, Phil Collins performed here for his Trip Into the Light Tour.
  • In 1998, Janet Jackson opened her The Velvet Rope World Tour here with two sold out concerts. Her third appearance after her 1990 and 1995 tours.
  • The Backstreet Boys performed here for their 1999 Into the Millennium Tour, their 2005 Never Gone Tour, their 2008 Unbreakable Tour, their 2009 This Is Us Tour, and the 2012 NKOTBSB Tour which was alongside New Kids on the Block.
  • In 2000, the Dutch singer Lee Towers performed his 50th sellout Gala Of The Year concert - A special bronze bust of LT stands in the main entrance of Ahoy - He is the only person to reach this milestone at Ahoy.
  • On October 30, 2000 British rock band Deep Purple recorded a live album called Live at the Rotterdam Ahoy with the orchestra & Ronnie James Dio.
  • In 2002, Alanis Morissette filmed her Towards Our Union Mented Tour at Ahoy, which was released on the DVD Feast on Scraps.
  • In 2002, Destiny's Child shot their World Tour DVD at Ahoy, which was released in December 2003. The group returned with the Destiny Fulfilled... and Lovin' It on May 23 and 24, 2005.
  • American superstar Cher performed during her marathon Living Proof: The Farewell Tour on June 29 and 30, 2004.
  • The 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest was held at the venue.
  • The ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament ATP World Tour event has been held at the venue for many years.
  • On May 18, 2007, Beyoncé arrived at the venue with her The Beyoncé Experience, and returned on May 2 and 3, 2009, with the I Am... World Tour.
  • The band Rush did the same during their Snakes and Arrows tour in October 2007 during the European leg of the tour.
  • Several songs on the Dream Theater DVD Chaos in Motion were filmed in Ahoy also.
  • Shakira shot Live & off the Record, the concert DVD of her tour Tour Of The Mongoose here on 22 April 2003. She returned here in 2010 for her The Sun Comes Out World Tour.
  • Armin Van Buuren gave in Ahoy his famous concert Armin Only, in November 2005 and 2006, featured by Sharon Den Adel among other famous artists.
  • Within Temptation shot the Black Symphony concert DVD, with the Metropole Orchestra, in Ahoy.
  • The North Sea Jazz Festival performed here since since 2006.
  • On October 15, 2009, Fleetwood Mac has performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during the 'Unleashed Tour 2009'
  • From October 16 through to the 24th of 2010, the 2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships were held at the Ahoy Rotterdam.
  • On November 14, 2009, Muse performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during the The Resistance Tour
  • On November 29 and 30 November 2010, Lady Gaga has performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during The Monster Ball Tour.
  • On March 7, 2011, Taylor Swift performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during the Speak Now World Tour.
  • On March 27, 2011, Justin Bieber has performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during the My World Tour.
  • On October 16, 2011, Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during the I'm with You Tour.
  • On October 19, 2011, pop superstar Britney Spears performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during her Femme Fatale Tour.
  • On December 17, 2011, Coldplay performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during the Mylo Xyloto Tour.
  • On March 24, 2012, Paul McCartney performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during his On the Run Tour.
  • On October 29, 2012, Jennifer Lopez performed at Ahoy Rotterdam during her Dance Again World Tour.
  • On March 23, 2013, the hardstyle event Knockout! will be held at Ahoy Rotterdam after moving from the Silverdome Zoetermeer.
  • On April 17, 2013, the WWE is back at Ahoy Rotterdam for the first time in twenty years with the Raw Wrestlemania Revenge Tour.
  • On June 15 & 16, 2013, the Dutch Fantastic Gymnastics were held at Ahoy Rotterdam.
  • On September 13, 2014, the famous Limburgian entertainer Big Benny will perform at Ahoy Rotterdam.

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