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Antwerpen International Airport Template:Airport codes is a small commercial airport serving Antwerp, the second most populus city of Belgium. It is used for some scheduled and charter flights as well as business and general aviation and served 110,320 passengers in 2012. The airport is also home to a maintenance hangar of CityJet.



The airport consists of one small passenger terminal with basic facilities including service desks and a restaurant. The apron features ten stands for smaller aircraft such as the Fokker 50. As there are no jet bridges, walk-boarding is used. Due to its short runway length only just over 1500 metres, it is not possible to operate larger aircraft than the Boeing 737 at the airport.


The airport is operated by the Department of Mobility and Public Works of the Flemish Government which made an agreement with the French engineering group Egis Group to operate it starting 2014 for a duration of 25 years.

Airlines and destinations


BMI Regional announced the termination of their route to Manchester for 29 November 2013.<ref name="demorgen">Template:Cite news</ref> The scheduled routes to London-City and Manchester accounted for 63 % of the passenger traffic in 2011.<ref name="lesoir">Template:Cite news</ref> There are additional charter operations from Abelag Aviation, Flying Group and Denim Air as well.

The nearest major international airport is Brussels Airport approx. 40 km to the south.

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