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Template:Infobox Ort in Österreich Arbing is a municipality in the district Perg in the Austrian state of Upper Austria.


Arbing is located in the lower Mühlviertel at the transition from the fertile hills of the Mühlviertel Machlande level of the Danube. The extension is 4.4 kilometers from north to south, from west to east is also 4.4 kilometers. The total area is 12 square kilometers. 17.5 percent of the area is forested, 71.7 percent of the area are used for agriculture. Quarters are: Arbing, Frühstorf, Groißing, Hummelberg, Puchberg in Machland, Roisenberg. Some parts of other villages also belong to the municipality Arbing (Mollnegg, Hehenberger)


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