Archangel Michael's Church

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Archangel Michael's Church

Situated in Znojmo, the third most important historic city of Moravia.

Originally built in the 12th century for the newcomers who were settling around Znojmo Castle and is Znojmo City’s second most significant church after St Nicolas’ Deanery Church,

The fact that the church was consecrated to Archangel Michael and that it was built at the highest point in Znojmo would suggest that this church could have replaced an ancient occult worship place.

It was bombed by Hussites in the first part of the 15th Century and had to be rebuilt.

In the 16th century it came under the power of the Lutheran preachers, at that time the church tower collapsed for the first time (1581). The Jesuits took over the ravaged place in 1624 and proceeded to rebuild it.

The church tower collapsed for the second time in 1642 and was not to be rebuilt again as part of the church structure. In 1852 a new tower was constructed separately from the church. Template:Commonscat Template:Coord