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The historical building of Au Café was built in Bratislava, Slovakia (then Pressburg, Kingdom of Hungary), in 1827, when it served as a coffee shop. For almost one hundred years it was a famous restaurant and coffee shop, when in the middle of the 20th century it was on decline. In 2003 Au Café was reopened. Located on the bank of the Danube river, it serves as a restaurant and café at present.


  • 1827 Au Cafe, a new coffee shop on the right bank of the Danube established
  • 1857 the ownership of the shop changed to Mr. Roth and in 1871 to landlord František Pohl
  • 1890 Anton Apfel adds a restaurant to the Au Cafe coffee shop
  • 1896 Karl von Palugyay elevates Au Cafe to the level of a classy restaurant
  • 1919 Otto Kolin becomes the new owner and gives Au Cafe a metropolitan style
  • 1927 from July 31 until August 18 splendid celebrations of Au Cafe’s 100th anniversary are taking place.
  • 1960 a long-term decline capped by demolition of the premises.
  • 2003 On September 12 Au Cafe reopened

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