Barberini – Fontana di Trevi (Rome Metro)

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Template:Infobox station Barberini - Fontana di Trevi is an underground station on Line A of the Rome Metro inaugurated in 1980 and situated under Piazza Barberini in Trevi. Originally, the station was simply named Barberini, but this was extended in 2000.

The entrance hall of the station accommodates some mosaics of the Rome Artemetro Prize. The creators of the displayed mosaics are Graziano Navy and Heinz Mark.


This station has: 24px Escalators

Located nearby

  • Piazza Barberini
  • Fontana del Tritone
  • Fontana delle Api
  • Via Veneto
  • Santa Maria della Concezione
  • Via del Tritone
  • Via Bissolati
  • Via Barberini
  • Via Sistina
  • Via delle Quattro Fontane
  • Quirinale
  • Quirinal Palace
  • Palazzo Barberini
  • Le Quattro Fontane
  • Piazza del Quirinale
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio, with the tomb of Pinelli
  • Piazza San Bernardo
  • Piazza San Silvestro
  • Piazza Santi Apostoli
  • Madonna dell'Archetto
  • Palazzo del Bufalo
  • Santa Maria in Trivio
  • Santa Maria in Via

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