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Line 10 (Zona Franca ZAL - Gorg) is the name of one of the two branches of the Barcelona metro extension line 9, currently under construction and to be operated by TMB.


It links the Zona Franca with Badalona, through Barcelona proper, sharing a good deal of the area covered by L9. L9/10 will be the deepest and longest line in the network. Originally expected to be ready by 2008, ongoing problems with its construction are going to delay its completion until as late as 2013.

The section from Gorg to Bon Pastor opened on 18 April 2010 [1], and the section from La Sagrera to Bon Pastor (except Estació de la Sagrera station) opened 26 June 2010.

List of stations

Zona Franca area

  • Polígon Pratenc
  • Zona Franca ZAL
  • Zona Franca Port
  • Zona Franca Litoral
  • Motors
  • Foc Cisell (L2)
  • Foneria
  • Ildefons Cerdà (L8)
  • Provençana

Central branch, shared with L9

  • Can Tries
  • Torrassa (L1, RENFE)
  • Collblanc (L5)
  • Campus Sud (T1, T2, T3)
  • Zona Universitària (L3)
  • Campus Nord
  • Manuel Girona
  • Prat de la Riba
  • Sarrià (L6)
  • Mandrí
  • El Putxet (L7)
  • Lesseps (L3)
  • Muntanya
  • Sanllehy
  • Guinardó (L4)
  • Maragall
  • La Sagrera (L1, L4, RENFE)
  • Sagrera | TAV (L4, RENFE-AVE)
  • Onze de Setembre
  • Bon Pastor

Besòs area

  • Llefià
  • La Salut
  • Gorg (L2, T5, T6)

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