Barcelona Roman amphitheatre

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The Barcelona Roman amphitheatre is a disappeared and now invisible Roman amphitheatre in the Ribera district of Barcelona, Spain. The leading proponent of the hypothesis - Spanish archaeologist Jordina Sales,<ref name="Sales 2011b">Sales Carbonell, Jordina, Santa María de las Arenas, Santa María del Mar y el anfiteatro romano de Barcelona, in Revista d'Arqueologia de Ponent, 21, pp. 61-74, Lleida University, 2011, ISSN: 1131-883-X</ref> - believes that some oval urban structures around the church Santa Maria del Mar may indicate the ground plan. Argenteria street may be the vestige of the Roman via between the porta principalis sinistra, in the Roman wall (at the present, Angel square), and the doors of that amphitheatre. Currently, no solid archaeological or documentary evidence has been found.

Other notable Roman amphitheatres have been found under built up cities after being lost such as the one under London's Guildhall Art Gallery.



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