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Template:Infobox station Template:Infobox station Barcelona Sants railway station or Estació de Barcelona-Sants is the main railway station in Barcelona, owned by Adif, the railway infrastructure agency of Spain. It has become the Catalan capital's most important transport hub - being the centre of Rodalies de Catalunya including Barcelona suburban railway services and regional services, as well as the main inter-city station for national and international destinations. The station is named after Sants, the neighbourhood of Barcelona in which it is located. New parts of the station have recently been remodeled to accommodate the Spanish high-speed train AVE in the city, which started serving the city on 20 February 2008. There is also an adjacent international bus station bearing the same name and a metro station that serves the railway station.

History and architectural design

The modern Sants station was built in the 1970s as part of construction of the first east-west regional line running under the centre of Barcelona. Over the last 30 years, Estació de Sants has since eclipsed the earlier França terminus (Barcelona Estació de França), from the 1920s, as Barcelona’s main railway station.

The station has been built in a modern airport style, with all its many platforms sited underground in something of a subterranean sprawl. Nevertheless the ongoing redevelopment, set to take until 2012, has aimed to make the surface-level concourse and ticket-hall area considerably more spacious and bright. Above this, a four-star hotel (Hotel Barceló Sants) occupies most of the upper floors of its main building.


File:Barcelona Metro - Sants Estacio.jpg
Access to the metro station from the railway station

The station is in the Sants-Montjuïc district of Barcelona, a little way to the west of the city centre, and is easily accessible via metro (see section below) or bus from anywhere in the city. Sited at the end of Avinguda Roma between two squares, Plaça dels Països Catalans and Plaça Joan Peiró, it has two entrances, one in each.


Long distance and high-speed

Madrid is two and a half hours away on the AVE Madrid-Barcelona high-speed rail line, after the link between Camp de Tarragona and Barcelona opened in 2008. Extension of the line east into France connecting with the TGV network was completed in 2012 and a direct TGV service started in December 2013. The high speed service uses platforms 1 to 6, which have now been converted to the European standard gauge for use by the AVE services, unlike the remaining 8 for other RENFE services using the wider Spanish gauge tracks. A second major railway station in Barcelona, Estació de la Sagrera, currently under construction, is expected to join it in order to provide a wider access to high-speed and long distance train to the north of the city.

Direction Previous Station Train Next Station Direction
Madrid Puerta de Atocha
Camp de Tarragona 50px terminus
Girona Figueres-Vilafant
Sevilla Santa Justa terminus
Málaga Maria Zambrano
Lleida Pirineus 50px
Bilbao-Abando Alvia
Irún Alvia
terminus terminus TGV Girona Paris
Valencia Joaquín Sorolla
Tarragona Euromed terminus terminus
Valencia Estació del Nord
Tarragona Alaris terminus terminus
Badajoz Sant Vicenç de Calders / Tarragona Arco García Lorca terminus terminus
Sevilla Santa Justa Sant Vicenç de Calders / Tarragona Arco García Lorca terminus terminus
Málaga María Zambrano Sant Vicenç de Calders / Tarragona Arco García Lorca terminus terminus
Granada / Almería Sant Vicenç de Calders / Tarragona Arco García Lorca terminus terminus
Murcia Tarragona Talgo Mare Nostrum Girona Montpellier-Saint-Roch
Lorca Sutullena Tarragona Talgo terminus terminus
Cartagena Tarragona Talgo terminus terminus
Murcia Tarragona Talgo terminus terminus
Granada Tarragona Trenhotel Alhambra terminus terminus
A Coruña Camp de Tarragona Trenhotel Galicia terminus terminus
Vigo Camp de Tarragona Trenhotel Galicia terminus terminus
Gijón Cercanías Camp de Tarragona Trenhotel Pío Baroja terminus terminus
Madrid Chamartín Sant Vicenç de Calders Estrella Granollers Centre Portbou / Cerbère

Template:Note Connection with TGV in Figueres-Vilafant railway station

Rodalies de Catalunya

Direction < Line > Direction
20px Barcelona suburban railway services
Molins de Rei
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Template:FCAT Plaça Catalunya Mataró
Castelldefels Bellvitge Template:FCATTemplate:Ref Passeig de Gràcia Granollers Centre
Template:FCATTemplate:Ref Sant Celoni
Sant Vicenç de Calders
Vilanova i la Geltrú
Template:FCATTemplate:Ref Estació de França
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Template:FCAT Plaça Catalunya Granollers-Canovelles
La Garriga
Ripoll / Ribes de Freser / La Tor de QuerolTemplate:Ref
Sant Vicenç de Calders
Vilafranca del Penedès
Template:FCAT Terrassa
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Template:FCAT Martorell by Cerdanyola-Universitat
Direction < Line > Direction
20px Regional services
terminus terminus 24px Passeig de Gràcia Girona
Portbou / Cerbère
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat L'Hospitalet de Llobregat 24px Plaça Catalunya Lleida Pirineus
Lleida-Pirineus Vilanova i la Geltrú
Sant Vicenç de CaldersTemplate:Ref
24px 24px Passeig de Gràcia Estació de França
Móra la Nova
Riba-roja d'Ebre
Estació del Nord
Sant Vicenç de Calders 25px
Template:Note Regionals services
Template:Note Some R2 Sud trains do not stop between Gavà and Sants.
Template:Note This R2 line route is provisional until 2011 for works in Sant Andreu Comtal railway station.
Template:Note Some regional trains do not stop in Vilanova i la Geltrú railway station.

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