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File:Barrrandov 4, Prague Hlubo?epy.jpg
West part of Barrandov housing estate in Hlubo?epy, Prague – view from Holyn?
File:Barrandov Rocks1.JPG
Plaque with Barrande's name in the Barrandov rock

Barrandov (popular name: B-Side) is a neighbourhood in south-west Prague, Czech Republic, located in the cadastral district of Hlubo?epy, in Prague 5. It is situated on and around some rock formations above the Vltava River. Barrandov is known for its film industry and the film studios located in the old part of the district. The Czech national television services Nova and Barrandov TV broadcast from here. Old Barrandov consists of the villa quarter, Barrandov Terraces and Barrandov Studios, and New Barrandov is located to the west of the old part. Barrandov has a population of about 20,000. A new tram line into New Barrandov was built in 2003.

The name Barrandov is derived from the fossil-rich rocks which were studied by the French geologist Joachim Barrande. The district was named in honor of Barrande on 24 February 1928.

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