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File:Bucharest Quarter Berceni.svg
Bercenion the map of Bucharest

Berceni is a district (cartier in Romanian) of southern Bucharest.


Geographically, it has a trapezoidal shape, bordered by Oltenitei Road and Turnu Magurele Street in the north and south, respectively. Built during the 1960s, it is a typical Communist-era working class district, lacking any major green spaces or cultural attractions. It has a population of roughly 110,000.


It is believed that the name comes from the hussars of Miklós Bercsényi, who were first mentioned after the suppression of the Hungarian Kuruc War led by Francis II Rákóczi (at beginning of the 18th century). They settled in the neighborhood of Bucharest. Another theory claims that the name comes from an archaic Romanian word for tax collector.


There is also a village of Berceni, which is situated to the south and is outside Bucharest city limits.

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