Beth Yaacov Synagogue (Madrid, Spain)

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File:Synagogue de Madrid.JPG
2006 photograph of the synagogue

The Beth Yaakov Synagogue is a synagogue in Madrid, Spain.

Jews began to return to Spain in the nineteenth century, and established a synagogue in Madrid in 1917. After the Republican government was defeated by Franco’s forces in the Spanish Civil War, Civil War (1936-39), Catholicism was proclaimed the official State religion and the synagogues were closed.<ref name = "LJG">Linda Jimenez Glassman Jewish Madrid: where to find a synagogue, a kosher restaurant...., European Jewish Press, 3 August 2008</ref> A number of Jewish families arrived after the 1956 Anti-Semitic violence in Morocco, and soon established informal house synagogues.<ref name = "LJG" />

The present synagogue was built in 1968, after passage of the "Religious Freedom Law" of 1967.<ref name = "LJG" />