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Bethnal Green Academy (formerly known as Daneford and Bethnal Green High School and Bethnal Green Technology College) is a coeducational academy school for students aged between 11-19 based in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, in east London.


The school used to be a single sex boys school, however between 1996-1997 after lengthy consultations and votes, the school accepted girls. Complying with rules, the school name changed from Daneford to Bethnal Green High School. New school uniforms were designed to reflect the change, the new blazers were dark green, shirts were white, trousers were black and ties were diagonal dark green and gold stripes.

The school once again changed their name, this time to Bethnal Green Technology College as the school had acquired specialist status. The school had another uniform change as well as a new school badge.

The indoor gym was opened in 1998. The school has a history of participating in Hockey tournaments and developing young players.

In January 2012, the school became an academy, and changed its name once again to Bethnal Green Academy. The school has a Sixth Form for students aged up to 19.

In December 2012 the Academy was inspected by Ofsted and was judged as being "an outstanding school".

Current Uniform


Black Blazer Black, straight fit trousers White shirt Bethnal Green Tie Black, V-neck jumper Smart shoes Black outdoor coat (if necessary)


Black blazer Knee length black skirt or tight fit trousers White shirt Bethnal Green Academy tie Black V neck jumper or cardigan Short black or white socks/ black opaque tights Smart black shoes- flat Plain back shalwar kameez (where applicable) Plain black head scarf (where applicable)


  • Reggie Kray - Infamous Gangster
  • Ronnie Kray - Infamous Gangster
  • Michael Watson - Retired Boxer
  • Isaac Julien - Filmmaker
  • Halil Zorba - Weightlifter

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