Biblioteca Comunale Ariostea

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Template:Unreferenced The Biblioteca Comunale Ariostea is located in the Palazzo Paradise in Ferrara. It was named Ariostea because within lies the tomb of Ludovico Ariosto.


File:Paradiso Palace.JPG
Palazzo Paradiso

The Paradise Palace was built in 1391 as a palace of the House of Este. In 1567 the building was leased by Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este for the university faculties; here graduated Paracelsus. In the 17th century as a result of an intervention by Giovan Battista Aleotti was built the clock tower and marble door and the palace received its present appearance.

In 1753 the palace became the seat of the library, then headed to Ludovico Ariosto.Template:Clarify In 1801 was moved inside the monumental tomb of Ludovico Ariosto (by Aleotti, 1612), from the Church of St Benedict. The University of Ferrara was moved in 1963 to this building, while the library is still located there.


In the library holds mediaeval manuscripts, among them the biblical manuscripts: 581, 582.

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