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Bingham Road railway station was in Addiscombe, Croydon on the Woodside and South Croydon Railway. It was opened on 1 September 1906<ref name=Butt>Template:Cite book</ref> on the south side of Bingham Road, with two wooden platforms without buildings. It closed on 15 March 1915<ref name=Butt /> as a wartime economy measure.

The Southern Railway electrified the line on 30 September 1935 and reopened the station.<ref name=Butt /> The last train ran on Friday 13 May 1983 and it was officially closed from 15 May.<ref name=Butt /> Tramlink was opened in 2000 on the line of the railway, but at ground level with the embankment removed: Addiscombe tram stop is on the north side of Bingham Road.

Addiscombe station was about half a mile to the west.

There are excellent views of the station in the opening sequence of the film The Rebel starring Tony Hancock.

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