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Template:Use dmy dates Template:Essay-like Template:Infobox closed London station Blackfriars Bridge railway station was a railway station on the London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LC&DR). It was constructed in 1864 and, for six months, was the northern terminus for a line from Template:Stnlnk via Template:Stnlnk. It was part of a scheme by the company to extend into the City of London.<ref name="subbrit_bridge">Template:Cite web</ref> It ceased to be the terminus when the line was extended across the River Thames to Template:Stnlnk where a temporary station in New Bridge Street was opened on 21 December 1864.<ref name="RM">Template:Cite journal</ref>

In 1885 with the opening of St Paul's station (later renamed Blackfriars) it was no longer deemed necessary for passenger requirements, and remained open solely as a goods station. It remained in this capacity into the 1960s until 1964, outlasting several other stations on the line such as Camberwell which was closed down in 1916.<ref name="abandoned">Template:Cite web</ref> Demolition of the station took place in August 1968.<ref name="RM" /> Today offices stand on the site of the goods yards, although a few remnants of the station still remain.

The station was situated on the southern bank of the River Thames, directly opposite what is now Blackfriars station and connected to it via the Blackfriars Railway Bridge. Until the mid-twentieth century trains along the line used the original 1864 bridge built by the LC&DR, but it was not considered strong enough for modern trains, and it was partially dismantled in 1984 and the traffic now uses the newer bridge. Of the older bridge just the abutments remain, leaving an odd appearance in the river.<ref name="subbrit_blackfriars">Template:Cite web</ref>

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