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Bogoslovija (Serbian Cyrillic: ???????????) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is mostly located in Belgrade's municipality of Palilula, with some parts belonging to the municipality of Zvezdara.

Bogoslovija covers an area around the School of Theology and the roundabout where the streets of Dragoslava Srejovi?a, Mije Kova?evi?a and Severni Bulevar cross paths. It borders the neighborhoods of Karaburma to the east, Palilula to the south and Ada Huja and Viline Vode to the north. It had the population of 7,748 in 2002.

Despite several residential buildings, Bogoslovija is mostly administrative and communal center. The Belgrade Fire Brigade is located here, so as the facilities of the city cleaning service, Pionir Hall, Palilula Police Station, military hospital (VMC) and the Omladinski Stadion, a stadium of the OFK Beograd soccer team. Central place however belongs to the Seminary of the Serbian Orthodox Church with adjoining campus, which was built in 1957-58 and gave its name to the entire neighborhood (Serbian bogoslovija, seminary).

The main characteristic is extensive traffic, as it is the crossroad of many streets going in all directions of Belgrade (Karaburma, Zvezdara, Mirijevo, Krnja?a, Pan?evo, Vukov Spomenik, Square of the Republic, etc. As a result of this, the area of Bogoslovija is one of the most polluted ones in Belgrade (ecological black spot).


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