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Template:Infobox UK place Bowes Park is situated on the borders of Wood Green, Palmers Green and Bounds Green in London, England. The postcode for Bowes Park is N22. The border between the London boroughs of Enfield and Haringey goes through the area.


The district developed in the 1880s and is named after an old manor called Bowes 1396, marked as Bowes Farm and Bowes (Manor) on the Ordnance Survey maps of 1822 and 1877, respectively. This is 'estate of a family called Bowes' ; one John de Arcubus (Latin for 'of the bows or arches') occurs in a local document from 1274. John de Arcubus was one of many de Arcubi who lived around St Mary-le-Bow ("Sancta Maria de arcubus") church in the City of London.

Community and economy

Bowes Park is a small community centred on Myddleton Road, which houses a number of shops. In years gone by the road was alive with shops of all kinds including butchers, bakers, tea rooms, and greengrocers, as well as many other types of shops. Nowadays people commute the small distance to Wood Green to go shopping although a dedicated committee called The Myddleton Road Action Group meet several times a year and work with the police and local council to encourage regeneration and business development in the area. Myddleton Road has much improved in the last decade and the green shoots of recovery are certainly showing through but the local council's failure to deal with flagrant breaches of planning laws by ruthless landlords who live outside the area continues to threaten progress and regeneration. A number of illegal encampments in the gardens along the road remain unchecked, as do shopfronts that are contrary to Bowes Park's status as a conservation area.

The road is named after Sir Hugh Myddelton, constructor of the New River, which passes through Bowes Park and under the road itself. A smaller shopping area is at the north end of Whittington Road.


Bowes Park is served by mainline rail through Bowes Park station, London Underground through Bounds Green tube and bus services along Green Lanes and through Bounds Green crossroads.

Places of worship

The Anglican St Michael at Bowes Church, and Trinity at Bowes Methodist Church, lie at the northern end of Palmerston Road.

Shaftesbury Hall is a rare example of a 19th-century tin tabernacle, which lies abandoned on the western side of Bowes Park station, on Herbert Road. Local residents are trying to get the building listed, to prevent current part-owners The Samaritans from demolishing it and replacing it with a modern office block.

In popular culture

The shops in Myddleton Road featured in the first episode of the 1999 Channel 4 sitcom Spaced.

Notable people associated with Bowes Park

Arthur C Clarke (16 December 1917 – 19 March 2008) was a British science fiction author and inventor, he lived at 88 Nightingale Road, Bowes Park with his brother Fred Clarke and Fred's wife Dorothy from 1946.

Donald MacCadie worked as a Post Office engineer and he became dissatisfied with having to carry many separate instruments required for the maintenance of the telecommunication circuits. Macadie invented the first instrument, which could measure Amperes, Volts and Ohms, so the multifunctional meter was called an Avometer.

Macadie lived at 190 Bowes Road at the corner of Moffat Road. For a time he rented Shaftesbury Hall, a pre-fabricated corrugated iron chapel or Tin tabernacle on Herbert Road, as an assembly shop for his invention.



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