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Template:Infobox UK place Brimsdown is a place in the London Borough of Enfield, North London generally known as the Lea Valley. The Brimsdown area is roughly located in the area either side of Mollison Avenue, to Bilton Way, just south of Ordnance Road, extending as far south as the Mollison Avenue/Jeffreys Road roundabout. It is home to the Brimsdown Industrial Estate and also includes a residential area just west of the Lea Valley railway line.

This area was the easternmost part of the old parish of Enfield.

The area east of the Lea Valley Lines railway is almost exclusively reserved for industrial use, while west of this railway (which serves Brimsdown and Enfield Lock stations) is a residential area primarily built up in the 1930s which extends, without any particular border, to Enfield Highway, Enfield Wash and Enfield Lock. This residential area around Brimsdown Avenue, Brimsdown railway station and Brimsdown School is also considered part of Brimsdown.


Brimsdown was first recorded as Grymesdoun in 1420, Grymesdoune 1441, Grymes downe, Brymesdowne 1610, Grymsdown, Brimsdown 1686. Originally the first element seems to be the surname Gryme with the Middle English doun, here 'slightly raised ground' ( in a low-lying area beside the River Lea). Gr?m being probably a nickname for the heathen god Woden.

Nearest places

  • Enfield Lock
  • Enfield Wash
  • Ponders End

Nearest railway stations

  • Enfield Lock railway station
  • Ponders End railway station
  • Brimsdown railway station


File:Mossops Bridge.JPG
Mossops Bridge spans the River Lee Navigation (completed 1999)
File:Mossops Creek.JPG
Mossops Creek Bridge (completed 2006)
  • River Lee Navigation
  • Mossops Creek was dug in the 1890s by Mosses and Co Gravel Extraction Company. The creek can be reached from Mossops Bridge (completed 1999) which spans the River Lee Navigation.

Mossops Creek Bridge (completed 2006) forms part of the Mossops Creek permissive path which link the River Lee Navigation to the Brimsdown Industrial Estate and Brimsdown railway station.


  • The current MP is Conservative politician Nick de Bois (his full constituency is Enfield North) . de Bois won the seat in the 2010 General election.

Schools and colleges

Primary schools

  • Brimsdown Infant School
  • Brimsdown Junior School, attended by academic Professor Philip Tew, cartoonist and illustrator Ian West, and actor Ray Winstone.


  • Enfield College



  • Brimsdown Rovers: David Beckham joined the club as a 14-year-old where he played in the youth side.
  • Enfield Town FC : Share the Goldsdown ground with Brimsdown Rovers.

Business partnerships

  • Many businesses in Brimsdown are part of the Brimsdown FQP (Freight Quality Partnership), which jointly addresses transport and logistics issues for the area.



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