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The British School of Amsterdam is an international school, situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, serving students from nursery through year 13.


Since the foundation of the British School of Amsterdam in 1978, the school has grown in size from a very small primary school of 10 children to a "leading international independent school" Template:Citation needed for children of all ages, with more than 550 pupils (ISI School Inspection February 2003).

When the school was founded it was housed in a section of a Dutch primary school in the south of Amsterdam. The whole school moved to the Jan van Eijckstraat (which now houses the junior school) in 1983 when it had enough pupils to exist as a school in its own right. Since then the school has constantly increased its enrolment. Through the eighties to mid-nineties the school steadily grew. By 1994 pupil numbers had risen to 150. Since then the school's numbers have grown with more pace. By 1998 the school had 230 pupils. It had doubled its size to 460 pupils by 2003 and at the time of writing, now has 650 pupils.

The school has experienced some popularity, with Yasmina Ameziane studying there and Shota Arveladze's son Giorgi studied there. Also, Rev. John Cowie (the English Reformed Church's minister)'s wife, Gill Cowie conducts the choir. The choir performs at many landmarks of Amsterdam, including the Hilton Hotel.


Nursery/infant school

The nursery and infant school accommodates children in nursery, reception and year 1.

Two nursery classes, reception and year 1 are accommodated in the Anthonie van Dijckstraat, a third nursery class is located in the Albrecht Durerstraat, just 30 metres from the main building.

The school houses teaching classrooms, a Dutch classroom, an English classroom, an information communication technology lab, a school hall/gymnasium, a library and a secure playground.

Junior school

The junior school is located in the Jan van Eijckstraat which is 175 metres from the nursery/infant school. It accommodates children in year two and year three. The maximum class size is 24 pupils. The junior school is a purpose built school. It consists of teaching classrooms, a state-of-the-art information communication technology suite, a modern foreign languages classroom, a fiction and non fiction library, a hall/gymnasium and a secure playground.

Upper juniors

This school's building started from June 2008 and ended in September 2008. It shares the same compound as the upper school. It homes years 4 through 6.

Upper school

The upper school is situated in the Frederik Roeskestraat, 1.5 kilometres from the nursery/infant and junior school. A shuttle bus runs from the nursery/infant school each morning. The upper school accommodates children in years 7 through 11. It is a purpose built school offering specialist teaching facilities. It consists of teaching classrooms, 2 information communication technology suites, 2 science laboratories, a modern foreign language lab, a music/music technology suite, an art/design technology studio, a library, a gymnasium, a sports and playing field and a school kitchen.

the British school of amsterdam educates children from years 7-13 (ages 11–17)

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