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Template:Unreferenced Template:Expand Hungarian thumb The Budapest College of Communication and Business (Template:Lang-hu, BKF) is an accredited private institute of higher education in Budapest, Hungary. The college offered regular and correspondence BA courses in business communication, international communication, a joint degree in communication (journalism) and European public service and business administration between 2001 and 2005. The college was accredited as an adult education institute, as well, in 2003. It has started the training of television journalists in partnership with the Hungarian Public Television. It has its own language department, which functions as an official EURO, ITK-Origo and TOEIC language exam centre and offers regular, business and special language courses. The Trade Academy of BKF offers special courses at intermediate and advanced level. The students can master the tricks of their chosen professions in study groups of 12-18 in the school’s pleasant campus, which is located in a suburb of Budapest. The well-equipped and modern school buildings have recently been renovated, and a brand-new, high-tech building was constructed in 2005 with the support of the European Union. Apart from baccalaureate courses, the school also offers vocational and post graduate courses, company courses in communication, business communication and European public management. The school also has a secondary school (BKF Bilingual Vocational School).

The Budapest College of Communication and Business had its first graduation ceremony on February 26, 2005, when the school bid farewell in style to the first students of business communication who graduated in January 2005. Since 2005, the BKF has implemented the Bologna process, and transformed the study programmes by the new Hungarian accreditation requirements. The current, running BA and BSc programmes are communication and media studies, business and management, international business, trade and marketing, tourism, public service. The BKF offers MSc programme in tourism and a marketing communication programme franchised from the London Middlesex University.

In 2006, the college added the "Business" to its name, reflecting the growing importance of the courses in business within the curriculum.

In 2009, the BKF integrated the "Heller Farkas" College of Tourism, and established an Institute of Visual Arts with BA programmes in photography, graphics, media design, cameraman, film and media studies - these programmes start in 2010.

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