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The Budapest Turkish Memorial Cemetery (Template:Lang-tr) is a burial ground of Ottoman soldiers in Hungary. It is situated as a section within Budapest's largest cemetery of New Public Cemetery (Template:Lang-hu) at K?bánya district of the city. Ottoman soldiers are buried in the cemetery, who participated on the Galicia front during the World War I.

Established in 1926, the Turkish Memorial Cemetery holds 480 soldiers of Ottoman Army's XV Corps, who fought in Galicia as part of the Central Powers under the command of German Empire's South Army in the summer of 1916. Eleven graves are of unknown soldiers. The cemetery is walled and covers an area of Template:Convert with a graveyard section of Template:Convert. A plate on the entrance denotes the property. The flag of Turkey waves on a flagpole in the cemetery.<ref name="dib">Template:Cite web</ref>

Commemoration ceremonies are held at site every year on March 18, the Martyrs' Day in Turkey, by Turkish officials and on November 1, the All Saints' Day, by Hungarians.<ref name="dib"/> High ranked Turkish politicians officially visiting Budapest pay tribute to the burials at the Turkish Cemetery.

For the preservation and maintenance of the memorial cemetery, the Turkish Military Cemeteries and Memorials Department (Template:Lang-tr) of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies is responsible.

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