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Template:Infobox settlement Bulbulder (often erroneously Bulbuder) (Serbian Cyrillic: ????????) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Zvezdara.


Bulbulder is located in the western section of Zvezdara municipality, some 2,5 kilometers east from downtown Belgrade (Terazije). It spreads mostly between the streets of Dimitrija Tucovi?a on the south and Svetog Nikole on the north. It borders the neighborhood of ?eram on the south, Slavujev Venac on the west, Novo Groblje (new cemetery) on the north-west, Zvezdara II on the north and Zvezdara itself on the east.


Name of the neighborhood means nightingale valley and comes from Turkish words bülbül, nightingale, and dere, valley. Apparently, the entire surrounding area was populated by nightingales, as the neighboring areas are called Slavujev Venac and Slavujev Potok (Serbian for nightingale's circle and nightingale's creek, respectively).

The neighborhood is mostly residential, with a population of 5,437 in the local community of the same name, by the 2002 census. Large medical complex (KBC "Zvezdara", Anti-tuberculosis Clinic, etc.) is in the eastern end of the neighborhood, while the Orthodox church of Saint Prince Lazar is in the center.