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Café Slavia is a café in Prague, Czech Republic, located on the corner of Národní street and Smetanovo náb?eží, next to the Vltava river and opposite the National Theatre. It was opened in August 1884.<ref name=radiocz>Template:Cite web</ref> It was known for its associations with Prague's dissident community, hosting people such as Václav Havel, who would later become his country's president, and poet Ji?í Kolá? during the normalization period.<ref name=radiocz/> It was also known as a place for writers, poets and other intellectuals to meet and discuss their ideas. The café was closed in 1992 due to a legal dispute but re-opened in 1997. Café Slavia has been described as Prague's "best-known café".<ref name=radiocz/>



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