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thumb Campanhã station is the main railway station in Porto, Portugal for non-local train services. It was opened in 1877. It has connections to the Porto Metro as well as local services around Porto. Intercity and Commuter trains are operated by Comboios de Portugal, the Portuguese national railway operator. The station is a through station, i.e. not a terminus station, allowing through running of trains from Lisbon to the north of Portugal.

The other major railway station in Porto is São Bento, the city centre terminus station (principally for local trains and trains heading north, including the Douro line).


The station has platforms for through trains to Sao Bento and the north as well as terminating platforms. There are two metro platforms at the same level as the mainline platforms.


Comboios de Portugal

All CP trains in Porto pass through Campanha station, including the trains terminating at Sao Bento. CP operate multiple types of Services, namely the Alfa Pendular high speed trains, Inter Cidades inter-city trains and Suburban trains, of which all continue to Sao Bento. Suburban trains coming from General Torres reverse here to continue on to Sao Bento.


Every metro line except line D calls at Campanha. Line C trains terminate here by offloading passengers on the Estadio do Dragao bound platform and then heading to the yard which is situated between Campanha and Estadio do Dragao stations.



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