Cardio-thoracic center of Monaco

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Template:Orphan The Cardio-thoracic center of Monaco (CCM) is a hospital which specializes in cardiovascular and thoracic diseases.<ref name=ccm>Template:Fr icon Historique du CMM,</ref>


Envisioned in 1978, the Cardio-thoracic center of Monaco opened its doors in April 1987. With support from Monegasque authorities, the CCM was designed to address the shortage of beds in cardiology in the PACA region, but also to offer patients from all around the Mediterranean cutting-edge equipment. This small hospital is managed by Professor V. DOR, Dr JJ PASTOR and G. NERVO. Since 2010, Gilles Dreyfus is the medical director.

The Cardio-thoracic center of Monaco has been used for humanitarian purposes. In 2010, CCM was nominated by Siemens the first Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine.



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