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Template:Coord Template:Infobox university The Center for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) is a global educational center for the study of transnational law.<ref name=""></ref> The Center was founded in London in October 2008 as a joint venture between ten leading law schools from around the world, each contributing faculty and students to the center.<ref name="" /> The Center's founding institutions are Georgetown University Law Center, University of Toronto, King's College London, National University of Singapore, ESADE, Fribourg University, Free University of Berlin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Torino, Melbourne Law School, and the University of São Paulo. The Center also has several affiliate institutions, including Bucerius Law School.

The CTLS facilities are located at Swan House at 37-39 High Holborn Street in London's legal quarter. Students and faculty have access to King's College Law Library and student housing at the Liberty Living Student Housing complex 'Liberty House' on St John Street.<ref name=""></ref>

The Center's curriculum was developed by an Academic Council of faculty from all of the founding law schools and all courses address topics in transnational or comparative law, legal theory or legal practice. designed for students intent on transnational careers.

Academics from the CTLS have also offered public lectures on international legal topics, and in addition to the Center's main academic term program, offers administrative support for the Georgetown Law summer program in London.<ref name="" />



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