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Cessange (Template:Lang-lb, Template:Lang-de) is a quarter in south-western Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.

Most of the quarter is covered by open fields to the south-west of Luxembourg City proper. At the centre of the quarter is the Croix de Cessange: a motorway junction between the A4 and the A6. Next to the intersection is Stade Boy Konen, which plays host to Cessange FC, Rugby Club Luxembourg, and the Luxembourg national rugby union team.


At the end of 2011, 2546 people lived in Cessange, 50,04% of whom were of Luxembourgish nationality and 49,96% of foreigners.

Inhabitants of Cessange by nationality
Rank Nationality
1 Template:Flagicon Luxembourgish 1 274
2 Template:Flagicon French 369
3 Template:Flagicon Portuguese 254
4 Template:Flagicon Italian 113
5 Template:Flagicon Belgian 105
6 Template:Flagicon German 77
7 Template:Flagicon British 42
8 Template:Flagicon Dutch 23
9 Template:Flagicon American 21
10 Template:Flagicon Spanish 19
11 Template:Flagicon Danish 16
12 Template:Flagicon Finnish 14
13 Template:Flagicon Romanian 14
14 Template:Flagicon Polish 13
15 Template:Flagicon Japanese 12
Other nationalities 180




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