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File:Smithfield Market.jpg
Smithfield Market from Charterhouse Street

Template:Coord Charterhouse Street is a street in Smithfield, on the northern boundary of the City of London, forming the boundary with both the London Borough of Camden and the London Borough of Islington.

It connects Charterhouse Square and Holborn Circus, crossing Farringdon Road and running along a number of historical sites, including Smithfield Market and the historical headquarters of the Port of London Authority.

Charterhouse Street is perhaps most famous for its gastropubs that attract local City workers and is a popular venue for revellers, with Fabric nightclub located at No. 77A.

Charterhouse Street is also the home of a 31 MWe combined heat and power plant operated by Citigen (E.ON) and located within and beneath the former headquarters of the Port of London Authority.

The site on the corner of Farringdon Road was occupied by the 1960s Caxton House which was demolished in 2009 as part of the Farringdon station extension.

The nearest London Underground stations are Barbican at the east end of Charterhouse Street and Farringdon at the west end. Farringdon station also provides a connection to the Crossrail and Thameslink rail services.