Choupal National Forest

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Template:Coord Template:Unreferenced 250px Template:Redirect Choupal National Forest (Template:Lang-pt) is a national forest in Coimbra, Portugal. It is a short distance from the city downtown and runs alongside the Mondego River. The forest has trails for jogging, walking, cycling and horse-riding.

This grove of poplar trees (choupos), was planted in an attempt to stop the floods of the Mondego. In 1791, the engineer and Padre (Father, priest) Estevão Cabral directed a big project that was meant to decrease the levels of silt in the river. The trees of Choupal were therefore planted to allow a better settling of the riverbed. Since the 19th century many other trees, including planes (sycamores), beechs, laurels, and eucalyptus have grown in the area. Today the forest is a popular place for recreation, exercise and picnics.