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thumb Cimitero degli Allori, Cimitero Evangelico degli Allori ("The Evangelical Cemetery of Laurels") is located in Florence, Italy, between 'Due Strade' and Galluzzo.


The small cemetery was opened on 26 February 1860 when the non-Catholic communities of Florence could no longer bury their dead in the English Cemetery in Piazzale Donatello. It is named after the Allori farm where it was located.

Initially a Protestant cemetery, the site is now private. Since 1970 it has accepted the dead of other denominations, including Muslims.

The cemetery became newsworthy in 2006 when the writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci was buried there alongside her family and a stone memorial to Alexandros Panagoulis, her companion.

Residents in perpetuity

  • Harold Acton - British writer
  • Arnold Böcklin - Swiss painter
  • Oriana Fallaci - Italian writer
  • Corrado Feroci (Silpa Bhirasri) - Italian sculptor
  • Larkin Goldsmith Mead - American sculptor
  • Gisela von Arnim Grimm — German fabulist and writer
  • Herbert Horne - British art collector
  • Alice Keppel - British mistress of Edward VII
  • Ernesto Michahelles (Thayaht) - Italian artist
  • John Pope-Hennessy - British art historian
  • Leonardo Savioli - Italian architect
  • Osbert Sitwell - British writer
  • Hans-Joachim Staude - German painter
  • Frederick Stibbert - British art collector
  • Violet Trefusis - English and French writer
  • Reginald Turner (writer) - British writer and friend of Oscar Wilde


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  • English Cemetery, Florence



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