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Template:Infobox station Cipro (formerly, Cipro - Musei Vaticani) is an underground station on Line A of the Rome Metro, inaugurated in 1999. The station is situated between via Cipro and via Angelo Emo.

The name of the station, meaning Cyprus, comes from the name of the street it opens on: The names of several streets in the area remember places and people related to the history of the Republic of Venice and other Repubbliche Marinare.

In the open-air atrium below street level, some archeological finds, found in 1993/94 during the digging of the Ottaviano-Battistini section of Line A, are exhibited. They include a 3rd-century CE sarcophagus in Carrara marble, a funerary ash urn, and some inscriptions; in the neighbourhood, which in ancient times was out of Rome proper, there was a large burial ground, on both sides of Via Triumphalis.

In 1991, the municipality of Rome planned to call the station Mosca (Moscow).<ref name="kommers">"Moscow" appeared under Rome</ref> To reciprocate, a Moscow Metro station was named Rimskaya (Roman).<ref name="kommers"/>


This station has:

  • 24px Access for the disabled
  • 24px 277 Park and Ride spaces
  • 24px Elevators
  • 24px Escalators
  • 24px Bus terminus

Located Nearby

  • Musei Vaticani
  • Piazzale degli Eroi
  • Mercato Trionfale
  • Ospedale Oftalmico



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