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File:College Green London.JPG
College Green, Westminster, May 2010 showing the media encamped for the General Election results and aftermath

College Green (formally known as Abingdon Street Gardens) in public park in the City of Westminster in Central London.<ref name=Westm>Template:Cite web</ref> The gardens are situated behind Westminster Abbey, and to the east of Westminster Abbey Gardens and are adjacent to the Houses of Parliament.<ref name=Westm/> The gardens are not enclosed and are accessible at all times.<ref name=Westm/>

The park is a common place for television reporters to interview Members of Parliament.<ref name=Hist2010>History in the making BBC News, 12 May 2010</ref> Henry Moore's bronze sculpture Knife Edge Two Piece 1962–65 is located in the gardens.<ref name=Westm/>

The gardens form the landscaped roof of a two storey underground car park, and were constructed from 1963 to 1964.<ref name="Committee2007">Template:Cite book</ref> They are in front of College Green.<ref name=Westm/>

The site was originally in the River Thames, and separated from the College Garden of Westminster Abbey by a medieval wall with a watergate. Its name refers to the collegiate church of Westminster Abbey, which includes Westminster School.



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