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Template:Underlinked Template:Infobox station Cornelia is an underground station on Line A of the Rome Metro. It can be found at the junction of via di Boccea and the Cornelia ring road - from which it takes its name. The station was inaugurated on 1 January 2000.


This station has:

  • 24px Access for the disabled
  • 24px Escalators
  • 24px Bus terminus


Cornelia is known for its sets of escalators on three levels which are used to enter and exit the station one of which is a rarely seen 'narrow style' which runs alongside two average sized escalators. There is another of its type at Spagna station on line A.

Located Nearby

  • Via Boccea
  • Forte Boccea
  • Piazza San Giovanni Battista de la Salle

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