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Coslada is a city and municipality in the autonomous community of Madrid in central Spain. Template:As of, the mayor of Coslada is Raúl López Vaquero (PP).

The Dry Port of the Community of Madrid is located in Coslada, which turns the city into a strategic point. The majority of the companies which transport important commodities that operate in Spain have branch offices in Coslada. Another economic asset is its proximity to the Airport of Barajas, where a great percentage of its population is employed.

Area and Population

  • Area: 12 km²
  • There are 102,890 inhabitants.
  • Migration: there are 17,000 foreign-born inhabitants, who represent 12% of the total population. Most are Romanians, though there are also small numbers of Chinese, Latin Americans, Guineans, Vietnamese and Indians.
  • Population density: 6,907.8/km²
  • Inhabitants of Coslada are called Cosladeños.

Location and Transportation

  • Coslada is located at 40,25° North, 3,32° West.
  • 12 kilometres east of downtown Madrid, Coslada is part of the metropolitan area.
  • The city is surrounded by other municipalities such as Madrid and San Fernando de Henares.
  • Coslada is covered and connected to the Madrid metropolitan area by the line (L7) of the Madrid Metro in May 2007, local and regional bus lines, a commuter trains line (C-1,C-2 and C-7) and several major freeways (A-2 (Madrid-Barcelona), M-40,M-45,M-50) and toll highways (R-3).

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