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File:Bucharest Quarter Cotroceni.svg
Cotroceni on the map of Bucharest

thumb Cotroceni is a neighbourhood in western Bucharest, Romania located around the Cotroceni hill, in Bucharest's Sector 5.


The Hill of Cotroceni was once covered by the forest of Vl?sia, which covered most of today's Bucharest. Here, in 1679 a monastery was built by ?erban Cantacuzino, later to be transformed into a palace in 1888 by Carol I. Houses were built in the area near the palace by the royal servants and by high-ranking military personnel.

Carol I also build a royal train station named Gara Cotroceni near the palace. The train station was relocated by the communist regime and was later used for transporting materials for the construction of Casa Poporului.


Important Romanian figures lived in this neighborhood: Ion Minulescu, Marin Preda, Ion Barbu and Liviu Rebreanu. The nearest Metro stations are Eroilor and Politehnica.


  • Cotroceni Palace, the official residence of the Romanian president, is located in this neighbourhood
  • Botanical Garden of Bucharest
  • Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • The Bucharest Opera building
  • Bucharest Municipal Hospital
  • Cotroceni Stadium
  • St. Elefterie Church
  • Casa Radio



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