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Coulsdon Town railway station serves the northern part of Coulsdon, in the London Borough of Croydon. It is on the Tattenham Corner Line and opened on 1 January 1904. Until 22 May 2011 it was called Smitham.<ref name="SouthernNews-20052011">Template:Cite web</ref>


File:Smitham station building.JPG
The station building in 2008, before reconstruction and renaming.
File:Coulsdon Town station signage.jpg
Current station signage showing new and former names.

The station was opened on 1 January 1904, and was briefly closed during the First World War. It lies on a sharp curve, where the line swings away westwards from the Brighton Main Line. It is immediately adjacent to the closed Coulsdon North station on the main line, whose passenger traffic was diverted here when the latter closed on 3 October 1983. Some Tattenham Corner Line trains terminated at Smitham before returning to London, but nowadays the usual off-peak service is two trains per hour in each direction between London Bridge and Tattenham Corner, and one train per hour in each direction shuttling between Purley and Tattenham Corner.

The Coulsdon relief road, was opened 18 December 2006 as part of the A23, passes underneath the station and meant that some rearrangement and refurbishment of the platform access routes was required. No direct access to the London-bound platform now exists; access is via the down platform and a new footbridge or a lift.

A new modular station building on the down side of the line and a standard-pattern accessible footbridge were constructed by Network Rail and opened in 2010. There is no PERTIS self-service 'Permit to Travel' ticket machine.

As part of the retender of Southern's franchise in 2009, the Department for Transport requested that in response to lobbying by Croydon Council the new company look into a better name for the station, as "Smitham" is no longer used as the name of the local area. Coulsdon Town was chosen after an exercise in local democracy. The change took place on Sunday 22 May 2011.<ref name=guardian>Template:Cite web</ref> Evening services to the station were improved in December 2010. Iickets issued from Coulsdon Town are still displaying "SMITHAM".Template:Citation needed


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