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Crowlands railway station is an unopened station on the Great Eastern Main Line between Chadwell Heath and Romford. It was to have been sited just west of Jutsums Lane, where the railway passes over the road on a narrow bridge. It was first proposed in 1900 by the Great Eastern Railway, and platform foundations were constructed, but the station never opened. The London and North Eastern Railway, who inherited the route after the 1923 Grouping, resurrected the plans for the station in 1935, but nothing came about, and the plans were finally shelved after WW2. Thus, to date there is a large gap on the GE main line between Chadwell Heath and Romford stations – 2½ miles, whereas most other stations on this line are barely 1 mile apart. The platform foundations are still in existence in the undergrowth, though because the railway is on an embankment, they are not visible from street level. Railway infrastructure in the area that was completed included a signal box just west of the station site, which closed in 1949 as part of the Shenfield Electrification, as well an overhead electrification depot, to the east of Jutsums Lane. This is still in use by Network Rail as of 2010.

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