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Template:Infobox settlement Crvenka (Serbian Cyrillic: ???????) is a suburban settlement of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in the Belgrade's municipality of Palilula.


Crvenka is located in Banat section of the municipality, half kilometer away from the left bank of the Danube, on the Batin kanal stream. It is built in the thickly forested area so, even being close, it can't be seen from the opposite, Zemun bank and it is not near to any other settlements of Belgrade.


Crvenka is a weekend-settlement which means it has no permanent population. It consists of some 100 houses, mostly owned by the residents of Zemun, even though it is located across the river, in different municipality.

The canal that flows through the settlement, Batin canal used to be broader and navigable, with colonies of wild ducks and white herons and it was used by the Belgrade's kayaking clubs for trainings. Since the canal was illegally dammed to create a path to Bor?a with tree trunks, the water flow was stopped, the canal began flooding the surrounding area and wild birds moved out.

Even though the settlement was built after the World War II, during the 18th century an Austrian sentry post was erected here and also named Crvenka (Serbian for red land or red place).



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