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Template:Infobox UK place Cubitt Town is an area on the Isle of Dogs in Tower Hamlets in London, England. It is on the east of the Isle, facing Greenwich across the River Thames. To the west is Millwall, to the northwest Canary Wharf and to the north, across the Blue Bridge, Blackwall.


It is named after William Cubitt, Lord Mayor of London (1860–1862), who was responsible for the development of the housing and amenities of the area in the 1840s and 1850s, mainly to house the growing population of workers in the local docks, shipbuilding yards and factories.<ref name= BritishHistoryOnline /> As it grew, Cubitt also created many local businesses employing manual labourers as well as the streets of housing to accommodate them.


The businesses included those involved in cement, pottery and brick production. Asphalt production was another growth industry, coinciding with the growth, development, and industrialisation of areas throughout the British Isles. In Cubitt Town, the Pyrimont Wharf was developed in 1861 by the Asphalte de Seyssel Company of Thames Embankment (later known as the Seyssel Asphalte Company or Seyssel Pyrimont Asphalte Company), with asphalt production taken over in the 1870s by Claridge's Patent Asphalte Company.<ref name= BritishHistoryOnline /><ref name= PWRA />

Estates in the area include:

  • New Union Wharf Estate - East Thames Housing
  • Samuda Estate - Island Homes
  • St John's Estate - Island Homes
  • Amsterdam Road - Private
  • Millennium Wharf - Private

The area is a mix of old east London working-class communities transplanted into 1960s and 1970s high-rise estates and the middle-class workers in the Canary Wharf complex attracted by relatively low prices for riverside living, plus less recent Bangladeshi and East Asian immigrant populations.




The nearest Docklands Light Railway stations are Crossharbour, Mudchute and Island Gardens


Shipbuilders in Cubitt Town included Westwood, Baillie, Samuda Brothers, J & W Dudgeon and Yarrow Shipbuilders. Noteworthy ships launched there included HMS Prince Albert, the first British warship designed to carry her main armament in gun turrets. For more ships built in Cubitt Town, see Category:Cubitt Town-built ships.



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