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Czech Technical University in Prague (?eské vysoké u?ení technické v Praze – ?VUT in Czech, sometimes confusingly referred as CTU in English (see CTU)) is one of the largestTemplate:Citation needed universities in the Czech Republic, and is one of the oldest institutes of technology in Central Europe.


It was established as the Institute of Engineering Education in 1707, but not as a tertiary university but only secondary education (high school), by Emperor Joseph I<ref name="1808 Rescript">Template:Cite web</ref> as a response to Christian Joseph Willenberg's petition addressed to preceding emperor Leopold I. In 1806 the institute of Engineering Education was transformed into Prague Polytechnical Institute, when the university studies began. After the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the name of the school was changed in 1920 to the Czech Technical University in Prague. According to the THES-QS World University Rankings for the year 2010, the ?VUT is the world's 121st-best university in technology,<ref name="THES-QS 2010">Template:Cite web</ref> was the 171st in 2009 <ref name="THES-QS 2009">Template:Cite web</ref> and 228th in 2008.<ref name="THES-QS 2008">Template:Cite web</ref>

Constituent parts


  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Transportation Sciences
  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
  • Faculty of Information Technology

Higher education institutes

  • Klokner Institute
  • Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies

Other institutes

  • Computing and Information Centre
  • Technology and Innovation Centre
  • The Research Centre for Industrial Heritage
  • Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics
  • Centre for Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry
  • Division of Construction and Investment

Service facilities

  •  ?VUT Rector's Office
  • Service Facilities
  • Publishing House

Student clubs, ?VUT Student Union

Student clubs within the ?VUT are integrated in the Student Union. It has 27 members and covers wide range of free time activities, with biggest club called Silicon Hill. The Student Union also organizes social events for students through the year.

Notable alumni

  • František B?hounek, radiologist
  • Christian Doppler, mathematician and physicist
  • Josef Gerstner, physicist and engineer
  • Eva Ji?i?ná, architect
  • Karel Jonáš, who became Charles Jonas (Wisconsin politician), Czech-American publisher, legislator and Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin
  • Karl Ko?istka, geographer and technologist
  • František K?ižík, inventor, electrical engineer and entrepreneur
  • Vladimir Prelog, chemist and Nobel Prize winner
  • Emil Weyr, mathematician
  • George Klir, computer and systems scientist
  • Emil Voto?ek, chemist
  • Josef Zítek, architect and engineer


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