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File:Düsseldorf Stadtteil Flehe.svg
map of Düsseldorf, showing Flehe (in red) within District 3 (in pink)

Flehe is a borough of Düsseldorf. It les directly at the river Rhine, neighbouring to Volmerswerth, Himmelgeist and Bilk.

The name Flehe comes from the middle-age German word flet for stream or flee for "near the stream". Flehr became a part of Düsseldorf in 1384, but it was mentioned first time in 1402.

Although Flehe is a part of Düsseldorf, it has a structure dominated by agriculture. Only next to Bilk it looks like a part of a city or more like a part of a town, Flehe seems to be like a village.

The water works of Düsseldorf are in Flehe.

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