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The National Sporting and Cultural Centre (Template:Lang-fr), better known as d'Coque, is an indoor arena in Kirchberg, a quarter of Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.

The sports centre begun to be built as an addition to the already built Olympic Swimming pool, at the end of the 1990s.

D'Coque is the largest sports venue in Luxembourg, being capable of holding 8,300 people. It hosts trade shows and indoor sporting events, including basketball, handball, gymnastics and wrestling.

D'Coque indour sports complex has played host to a number of notable figures including the Dalai Lama [1] and Elton John. It also recently hosted the Fencing world cup.

During the 2013 Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) in Luxembourg, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, and Swimming (sport) were hosted in the various sports facilities in d'Coque.



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