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File:Cologne Innenstadt Deutz.svg
Map of Deutz within the district Innenstadt
File:LH-HQ, Köln-Deutz, Front 3.jpg
The main entrance to the Lufthansa headquarters

Cologne-Deutz, often just Deutz, is an inner city part of Cologne, Germany and a formerly independent town.

Lufthansa's headquarters are in Deutz.


Deutz was established under Roman Em­peror Constantine I in 310 AD, when he established »Cas­trum Divi­tia«, a mil­i­tary camp, built in on the opposite river bank of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium. Camp and city were linked via a bridge from the same time. During the Middle Ages, Deutz was an important centre of learning in medieval Germany. Up into the early Middle Ages it was known by the Latin name Divitia, from the 10th century as Tuitium. It was located on the right bank of the Rhine, opposite Cologne, which grew up on the left bank. The important abbey was home to many influential theologians, such as Rupert of Deutz.

Modern Deutz

Deutz was formally incorporated into Cologne in 1888. Modern Deutz is the part of the Cologne city centre on the right bank of the river. The location of Deutz on the river embankement opposite the old town of Cologne, the district serves as an important business centre and transportation hub: next to the Rheinpark, the Cologne trade fair grounds, the Lanxess Arena and Köln Messe/Deutz station, there are a number of municipal and regional government offices based in Deutz. Politically Deutz is part of the administrative district Innenstadt.

The painter August Lemmer was born in Deutz.


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